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Seniors Benefit from Chiropractic

A growing number of seniors are reaping the benefits of chiropractic care.  And, a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that chiropractic is advantageous for older people.

Chiropractors often detect vertebral subluxations — areas of dysfunction among the bones of the spine (vertebrae)  — in seniors.  This common malady is linked with an array of conditions, ranging from low-back pain and arthritis to Parkinson’s disease and hearing difficulties.  Doctors of chiropractic, like Dr. Smith, correct vertebral subluxations with safe, gentle maneuvers known as chiropractic adjustments.

As baby-boomers reach their senior years, a growing number of older people are discovering chiropractic.

Lisa Killinger of the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, Davenport, Iowa, says that “chiropractors may be well-positioned to play an important role in health promotion, injury and disease prevention and on geriatric care teams, due to their practice style and holistic philosophy.”  (Clin Geriatr Med 2004;20:223-35.)

In fact, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends chiropractic adjustments for seniors with acute low-back pain.  In addition, Killinger says the American Geriatric Society Panel Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Pain state that “non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as chiropractic, may be appropriate.”

The following benefits result from chiropractic care for seniors:

  • Avoid unnecessary medication.
  • Stay sharp.
  • Maintain motor skills.
  • Live longer.
  • Avert arthritis.

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