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Seniors Benefit from Chiropractic

A growing number of seniors are reaping the benefits of chiropractic care.  And, a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that chiropractic is advantageous for older people.

Chiropractors often detect vertebral subluxations — areas of dysfunction among the bones of the spine (vertebrae) — in seniors.  This common malady is linked with an array of conditions, ranging from low-back pain and arthritis to Parkinson’s disease and hearing difficulties.  Doctors of chiropractic, like your doctor at Chiropractic for Life correct vertebral subluxations with safe, gentle maneuvers known as chiropractic adjustments.
Chiropractic care may also help seniors:
  • Avoid unnecessary medication
  • Stay sharp
  • Maintain motor skills
  • Live longer
  • Avert arthritis

Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Education

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