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Summertime Tips for Back Pain Prevention

Summertime Tips for Back Pain Prevention Summer is finally here.  And however you spend this season, whether tending to household projects or hitting home runs at neighbourhood softball games, we have some winning strategies to keep back pain from spoiling warm weather fun. Optimal posture is perhaps the most important[…]

Ergonomics for Tablet Computers

Ergonomics for Tablet Computers Tablet computers, such as iPads, are now commonplace.  However, what many tablet users don’t realize is that these devices come with a unique set of ergonomic challenges, which are creating an onslaught of overuse injuries. Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life finds that prolonged neck flexion[…]

Focus on Prevention This Father’s Day

Focus on Prevention This Father’s Day Father’s Day is a time to honour and celebrate fathers.  It’s also a day for dads to consider what it means to be a father and how that responsibility can be used to keep families happy and healthy.  If you are a father, big[…]

Seniors Benefit from Chiropractic

A growing number of seniors are reaping the benefits of chiropractic care.  And, a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that chiropractic is advantageous for older people. Chiropractors often detect vertebral subluxations — areas of dysfunction among the bones of the spine (vertebrae) — in seniors.  This common malady is[…]

Prevent Knee Injuries With Chiropractic

Prevent Knee Injuries With Chiropractic Many researchers believe that the knee is the most complex joint in the human body.  It is also the most imperfect and easily injured.  Here are some tips to keep knee joints in top form and ward off knee injuries with all-natural approaches. Knee injuries[…]

Acne: A Natural Approach

Acne:  A Natural Approach Pimples.  Blemishes.  Zits.  Whatever you call them, the characteristic lesions of acne can range from annoying to painful and even psychologically crippling.  Studies of teenagers and young adults with mild to moderate acne frequently report poor self-image, social impairment and diminished quality of life as a[…]

Berries Are Brain Food

Berries Are Brain Food This season, we are encouraging patients to eat more berries.  These gems of the fruit world are the perfect summertime snack.  Toss them on a green salad, pop them like candy or blend them into a yogurt smoothie.  However you serve them berries are rich in[…]

15 Healthy Gifts for Mother’s Day

15 Healthy Gifts for Mother’s Day Are you searching for the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day?  Why not give the gift of health? We have created a list of 15 healthy gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile to mom’s face.  Whether mom is difficult to[…]

Spinal Problems Reduce Blood Flow to the Brain

Spinal Problems Reduce Blood Flow to the Brain You probably are aware that spinal problems trigger back and neck pain.  But did you know that research links them with a vast array of other health concerns?  In fact, nearly every month researchers discover a major new finding regarding spinal dysfunction[…]

Junk Food May Cause Depression

Junk Food May Cause Depression Current world-wide estimates of depression run from 120 million cases to 340 million cases.  These numbers are staggering.  Many factors trigger a risk of depression.  Some of these factors — such as adverse life events, the loss of a loved one, and family history —[…]