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Yogurt: Miracle Food or Commercial Hype?

Yogurt:  Miracle Food or Commercial Hype? Nutrition is a cornerstone of the chiropractic lifestyle.  That’s why we educate patients about wellness-focused eating — and help them distinguish nutrition facts from nutrition trends. Lately, yogurt advertisements have been extolling a variety of virtues for this staple dairy food, and patients have[…]

Eat Right to Fight Inflammation

Eat Right to Fight Inflammation Inflammation is your immune system’s response to injury or infection.  The inflammation process cleans out damaged tissue and sets the stage for healing to begin.  But if something interferes with the complex chemical balances of the immune system, the body fails to produce anti-inflammatory responses. […]

This Halloween Take Care Of Your Skeleton

This Halloween Take Care Of Your Skeleton Happy Halloween!  This year, while ghosts and goblins lurk outside, look within — to your own skeleton.  Bone health is an essential, yet often ignored, component of a winning wellness plan.  Taking care of your bones can scare off a host of frightening[…]

Chiropractic for Middle Back Pain Part II: Less Common Causes

Chiropractic for Middle Back Pain Part II:  Less Common Causes Middle back pain is a common reason why patients seek chiropractic care.  Fortunately, chiropractic is highly effective in correcting most causes of middle back pain. Most cases of pain in the middle back are associated with a widespread condition called[…]

Chiropractic for Middle Back Pain Part I: Common Causes

Chiropractic for Middle Back Pain Part I:  Common Causes If you have ever experienced pain in your middle back (thoracic area), you have plenty of company.  One study estimates that 30 percent of working adults experience at least one episode of middle back pain each year (J Occup Health 2009;51:177-92).[…]

Prevent Knee Injuries With Chiropractic

Prevent Knee Injuries With Chiropractic Many researchers believe that the knee is the most complex joint in the human body.  It is also the most imperfect and easily injured.  We teach patients how to keep knee joints in top form and ward off knee injuries with all-natural approaches. Knee injuries[…]

Turmeric: Preventing Other Disorders

Turmeric:  Preventing Other Disorders Spices add flavour and zest to our food.  Many of these delicious seasonings — such as the traditional curry spice, turmeric — also contain a number of healing properties. We encourage our patients to “spice up their lives” with these all-natural ingredients as part of the[…]

Turmeric: Preventing Cancer & Heart Disease

Turmeric:  Preventing Cancer & Heart Disease More and more people are discovering the delights of traditional Asian-Indian fare — its unique and flavourful influence (particularly curries) popping up on menus around the world. Bur what most curry-lovers don’t realize is that not only is Indian cuisine trendy, it may prevent[…]

Whiplash Injury Myths and Truths

Whiplash Injury Myths and Truths As a doctor of chiropractic, your doctor at Chiropractic for Life is concerned about the misconceptions that surround whiplash injuries. For instance, did you know that a car’s speed of impact does not predict the risk of whiplash injury?  Any accident, even a minor fender[…]

Fall Into Fitness: How Chiropractic Boosts Athletic Performance

Patients at our office realize that regular chiropractic care can have a tremendous boost on athletic strength and endurance.  That’s why star athletes rely on chiropractic to remain in peak condition.  But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to reap the accelerated athletic performance associated with chiropractic. Optimal[…]