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Research on Low-Back Pain in Children

Most people consider low-back pain (LBP) an adults-only malady.  But Dr. Smith wants parents to be aware that children are also susceptible to this potentially debilitating condition.  LBP in children was, for many years, considered a rare condition.  But in the last two decades, studies show that the prevalence of[…]

Eight Ways to Boost Your Immune System

How strong is your immune system?  Do you know?  Do you even think about your immune system when you’re not sick?  If not, you should.  You have the power to make your immune system stronger and decrease your chances of getting sick.  Get your immune system in top form now. […]

Chiropractic and Wellness

Most people are aware that chiropractic benefits the spine.  However, many people remain unaware that the advantages of chiropractic care extend far beyond the spine.  Chiropractic is a preventive, wellness-centered approach, which addresses the well-being of the entire body. Dr. Smith wants you to know that regular chiropractic care can[…]

Chiropractic May Prevent Chest Pain

Chest pain, or angina, has many causes, including cardiovascular disorders, such as hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) or heart attach (myocardial infarction).  However, many cases of chest pain have nothing to do with the heart or arteries.  For instance, misaligned vertebrae or ribs that are slightly out of place can[…]

This Valentine’s Day Say “I Love You” With Chiropractic

What’s more valuable than diamonds and more precious than gold?  Health!  It’s the most prized possession on earth; in fact, it’s priceless.  Without health, material possessions, careers and social standing are insignificant.  This year, you can give this most precious gift to your valentine. Does Your Valentine… Often complain of[…]

Forward Head Posture

Think of someone standing tall with perfect posture, and you probably imagine a spine appearing “straight as an arrow.”  However, Dr. Smith teaches patients that a normal, healthy spine has three unique curves, which are essential for balance and posture. These curves help the body carry its weight and distribute[…]

All-Natural Cold Prevention

Did you know that it’s a myth that cold weather causes colds?  Viruses — coupled with a lowered immune response — cause colds.  Certain bacteria may also spawn infections that produce cold-like symptoms. However, cold weather isn’t completely off the hook.  Most cold-causing viruses survive better with low humidity, which[…]

Chiropractic: Focus on Prevention

It’s true:  You can prevent disease and illness before they strike.  How?  By following the chiropractic lifestyle, a way of life that focuses on health-boosting activities and strategies. Dr. Smith enthusiastically supports the chiropractic lifestyle because extensive research shows that optimal nutrition, exercise and regular chiropractic care keep disease at[…]

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Shoot for the moon.  If you miss, you’ll still reach the stars. Dream it, and you can be it. Obstacles are only visible when you lose sight of your goal. Saying like these make goal achievement sound like a cinch.  The truth is that setting and accomplishing goals isn’t as[…]

Forgive for the Health of It

Recent studies prove what Mom always said:  Holding a grudge hurts you more than anyone else. Dr. Smith wants patients to know about research showing that nursing grudges affects body and mind, while forgiveness speeds healing.  Replacing resentment with compassion decreases odds for chronic pain and life-threatening maladies, such as[…]