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Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

The sharp, shooting pain of sciatica ranges from uncomfortable to downright debilitating.  Numbness and muscle weakness in addition to pain in the sciatic nerve — the longest and widest nerve in the body — may strike anywhere that this nerve travels, from the lower back and buttock down to the[…]

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Harmful or Not?

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a hidden source of sugar in a plethora of foods.  Opponents of HFCS uphold that ubiquitous use of the product is to blame for the rocketing rates of diabetes and obesity.  European countries have even banned widespread production of HFCS due to health concerns.[…]

Summertime Tips for Back Pain Prevention

Summer is finally here.  And however you spend this season, whether tending to household projects or hitting homeruns at neighbourhood softball games, Dr. Smith has some winning strategies to keep back pain from spoiling warm weather fun. Optimal posture is perhaps the most important factor for avoiding back injuries.  Studies[…]

Ergonomics for Tablet Computers

Tablet computers, such as iPads, are now commonplace.  However, what many tablet users don’t realize is that these devices come with a unique set of ergonomic challenges, which are creating an onslaught of overuse injuries. Doctors of chiropractic, like Dr. Smith are seeing a growing number of patients with tablet-computer[…]

Seniors Benefit from Chiropractic

A growing number of seniors are reaping the benefits of chiropractic care.  And, a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that chiropractic is advantageous for older people. Chiropractors often detect vertebral subluxations — areas of dysfunction among the bones of the spine (vertebrae)  — in seniors.  This common malady is[…]

The Benefits of Orthotics: An Effective, Natural Complement to Chiropractic Care

So why do you need orthotics?             With every step you take, the 26 different bones, 22 muscles and over 100 ligaments in each foot support your entire weight.             Your feet are your body’s foundation.  As with any foundation, a small imbalance can cause severe problems throughout the structure. […]